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Lanying general manager in Czech

At 9:00am of October 26, 2016 local time, the Liaoning-Czech Enterprises Docking Conference hosted as scheduled by the Liaoning Provincial Government, the Czech National Investment Authority, the Czech Overseas Investment Association and the Czech Government Association was held in Prague, Czech Republic.

The Liaoning delegation led by Bing Zhigang, the Vice Governor of Liaoning Province with relevant leaders of the city and county officials and representatives of entrepreneurs attended the meeting. Ms. Meng Fanhua, General Manager of Shenyang Lanying Color Steel Co., Ltd., as a member of the foreign trade and economic cooperation delegation, attended the meeting.

The meeting was co-chaired by Mr. Tomas Parra, President of the Czech Government Association, and Mr. Tang Shenfei, Deputy Director of Department of Commerce of Liaoning Province. At the meeting,Mr. Iki Havlicek (Vice Minister of Trade and Industry of Czech Republic), Mr. Bing Zhigang (Vice Governor of Liaoning Province), Mr. Cheng Yongru (Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic). Mr. Carlyle Kucala, (Director of the Czech Investment Authority), all gave speeches.

During the meeting,both sides have carried out a comprehensive recommendation about their own cities, including history, culture, ecology, industrial investment projects and etc.

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